Natural, Food Drying Technology with Pure Solar Energy





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The autonomous system 'Günebakan', developed by a company in Teknopark Ankara, allows industrial-sized food drying with condensed solar energy, while reducing energy costs by 98 percent compared to conventional dryers.
The project titled 'Production of Basic Chemicals with Solar Spray Dryer', which came to life under the leadership of two young entrepreneurs Fırat Ekici and Doğukan Emre Yükmen, was titled "9. Chemistry cemented the success of the R&D Project Market by winning the 'Basic Chemicals' category.
He said the system informs the user in the necessary areas, stressing that this is an advantageous situation. Explaining the advantages of the system, he continued: "You reduce the drying time of a food from 20 days to 1 day.
In this way, the company ensures that products for value-added exports are obtained. Activities are also being carried out to gain a place in the foreign market of Gunbakan, which has achieved successful results in tests on approximately 25 products grown in Turkey.
He explained that they use special lenses with their own designs in Günebakan, and that these lenses with high light permeability and durability create a drying area by connecting serially and parallel according to the volume of the product to be dried.
Theta Clean Energy Technologies company, founded in 2018 with Tubitak Technology Capital, is developing solar-powered technologies and contributing to the country's "clean energy" ecosystem. Theta Clean Energy Technologies founder Doğukan Emre Yükmen…