Gıdalarınıza Yalnız Güneş Değsin

Günebakan; It provides fast and hygienic drying of foods by intensifying sunlight without converting it to another form. It brings food safety and quality standardization to the level of world norms and
doing it with drying environment that is closed to atmospheric conditions and using only sunlight without sacrificing naturalness.

What Are The Advantages?

Günebakan's advantage in energy size is striking. When it compared to conventional dryers of the same size, it reduces energy cost by 98%.

It dries food hygienically without removing naturalness.

Thanks to its AI-based algorithm (IoT), it produces a food-specific solution and performs the drying process itself.

Günebakan's Family



Provides a natural and fast drying solution for the end user



Allows food to be dried with indirect Solar Energy



Provides untouched drying for integrated drying plants


solar dryer

Provides drying of chemical liquids and foods in solution form

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Tender in Kahramankazan District Directorate of Agriculture

We have won the drying facility tender organized by Kahramankazan District Directorate of Agriculture in recent months. We are very excited about the facility that we will start to setup in a short time. We will keep you informed about the news ...