Natural, Food Drying Technology with Pure Solar Energy





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What Are We Doing?

We produce The Günebakan! With its specially designed lenses, Günebakan focuses the Sun on a single surface, ensuring that your food is dried both quickly and naturally in a closed and hygienic environment. Our product is fully autonomous, offers food-specific solutions and organizes all drying process data on its own. Notifys the operator with IoT technology when the drying process is complete.


Günebakan(Helianthus) is a family of products that dry your food naturally and quickly with solar energy only, which can be scaled to demand


Having several versions, Gunbakan intensifies the Sun with its filtered lenses developed by our engineers, allowing it to be dried very quickly without disturbing the naturalness of food. It is autonomous, performs the whole process itself and notifys the operator when the drying process is complete.

Günebakan Product Family

GünebakanV1 - GünebakanV1.1 - GünebakanV2 - Günebakan Spray Dryer - Günebakan Box - Günebakan Mini

What is Günebakan(Helianthus)

It is a Natural Food Dryer

How Is It Different From Other Dryers?

It is autonomous, maintains the naturalness of food, establishes food safety, operates without electricity, only needs sunlight, provides fast drying.

What is the Effect on Food?

The sun-concentrating lenses used to dry the food are filtered so that the food does not come into contact with the harmful rays of the Sun and there are no blackenings in the products that may occur from these harmful rays. In other words, none of the processes that disrupt the naturalness of food are needed to prevent these blackouts. As food dries quickly, aflatoxin formation does not occur and your products gain value in the niche market.

Which Foods Can Be Dried?

Günebakan is ideal for drying all vegetables, fruits and meat.

What are the Advantages?

It is autonomous, provides fast drying, does not disrupt the food structure, prevents the formation of aflatoxin, does not need the use of electricity/gas, has remote access.

What is the Importance of Being Autonomous?

It prevents food from drying out or even burning. You don't need to check. It provides all the needs of the food itself and notifys you when the process is finished. It offers you the possibility of remote control of your facility.