Natural, Food Drying Technology with Pure Solar Energy





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Get to Know Us

Theta Clean Energy Technology

Our company was founded on January 9, 2018 in Teknopark Ankara.

Purpose of Organization

The main goal of our company, which was founded by Doğukan Emre Yükmen, is to do jobs that are eco-friendly, quality and prioritize human health.


The first product of our company, Günebakan Tubitak, was established on the roof of Teknopark Ankara and tests and analyses (product tests were carried out in cooperation with Hacettepe Unam) for both product and product dried foods. After all the meticulous work, our product has been developed and presented to you.


Our company founder, Doğukan Emre Yükmen Hacettepe university, has completed his bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering and Hacettepe University has completed his master's degree in renewable energy.


Doguskan Emre Yükmen has had many work and work experience in Turkey and Germany.


Like Günebakan, we always aim to prioritize naturalness in our future projects. For us, naturalness and health will always be important.