Natural, Food Drying Technology with Pure Solar Energy





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Günebakan V1

The first version is, it is installed from the inside, it works with solar energy, has Input & Output fans and filtered lenses, provides natural & fast drying, does not disrupt the structure of food, is autonomous

Günebakan V1.1

The sun needs an operator like in V1 but is externally loaded, conducive to drying different foods simultaneously, works with solar energy, has input & output fans and filtered lenses, provides fast and natural drying, autonomous.

Günebakan V2

It does not need operator, designed for integrated systems, conveyor belt, works with solar energy, has input & output fans and filtered lenses, provides natural and fast drying, does not disrupt the structure of food, is autonomous.

Günebakan Box

Like Günebakan V products, it uses indirect solar energy rather than direct solar energy, is cabin-shaped, pumped into the cabinet with the help of a solar-heated air exchanger.

Günebakan Product Family



With our lenses developed by our technology engineers, we ensure that the sun is evenly distributed in the drying area. Thus, the Sun starts to focus directly on the food, allowing for rapid drying. Our lenses also prevent harmful rays of the Sun, preventing the nutritional values of food from falling and not disrupting the structure of fruits/sensing.


Stainless steel and PVC were used in the construction of the Gunbakan family. Suitable for food codex. Relevant tests were carried out in sample samples. The dimensions you want can be prepared according to your request.


In Günebakan family systems, it is designed to get the highest performance from dried products with drying options specific to each product connected to the automatic decision algorithm. With the IoT platform integrated into the system, it also allows the user to control, monitor and report remotely. It provides comfortable access to information

Lens Technology

We use the same condensation technology in all our products, but our lenses are also made dimensional and structural changes according to the Günebakan versions or the place to be installed.

Drying Calendar

The Günebakan family of products is designed for open spaces. Although it varies according to where it will be installed, it is possible to dry from the beginning of April to mid-October by the tests we have carried out in Ankara.


Our products carry out drying without the need for electricity/gas etc. With panels to be activated for fan operation, you can safely dry your food at no additional cost.

Drying Time

Our products provide 98% faster drying than conventional methods and 36.4% faster than conventional dryers.


After our drying experiments with foods such as tomatoes, peppers, bananas, strawberries, carrot mint, pineapple cherries, grapes, strawberries, apricots, thyme, etc., in cooperation with Hacettepe University and UNAM; Color analysis, rehydration, sensory analysis and sem microscope sensory analysis revealed that the naturalness and structure of the foods were not disturbed in any way.


Thanks to the inlet and outlet fans in our products, moisture is drained while ensuring air circulation inside. In this way, it is removed from the moisture from the food and dried quickly.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Our product is not affected by adverse weather conditions. When faced with unexpected rain during drying, the system stops itself, the products are not affected in any way, and when the weather conditions mature, the system reactivating itself.


After installation, we can perform autonomous maintenance by providing remote access to your product. Apart from that, we can define new foods according to your request.

Maintenance & Repair

We can provide periodic maintenance to your product both remotely and by visiting your city. Our warranty period is 2 years.







Only SunTouched!

Only Sun Touched!

What Different?

Compared to similar products in the global market, Günebakan has reduced energy costs to almost zero. It is aimed to keep food safety and quality standardization at the highest level while preserving the naturalness that creates added value in the products. Thus, Günebakan users take their place in the niche market where they can reach higher market prices. Günebakan is also separated from its competitors by the control opportunities it offers to the operator and investor. It autonomizes the process in line with the solution it produces specific to the food being dried, freeing the user from the necessity of accounting and follow-up.