Günebakan's Family

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It offers a natural and fast drying solution for the end user.

Our system uses special lenses of our own design to concentrate the sun and allow the food to dry faster with its dual-axis sun tracking mechanism. Manages the entire drying process with the automation system. .



The Günbakan Box, which we have installed before, allows food to be dried with indirect Solar energy. Box, where we also use our own design lenses, is completely free from energy costs.



Provides untouched drying for integrated drying plants 

Helianthus, which is easy to scale with conveyor belt and separate cabinets in addition to The Günebakan, which is It is designed to minimize the operating costs of the user and to provide fast transactions.


Solar Dryer

It provides drying of chemicals and liquid foods in solution form.

This product was the first in the İKMİB Istanbul Chemical Exporters Association is in the 9th R&D Project Market