What is a Günebakan?

Günebakan; It provides fast and hygienic drying of foods by intensifying sunlight without converting it to another form. It brings food safety and quality standardization to the level of world norms and doing it with drying environment that is closed to atmospheric conditions and using only sunlight without sacrificing naturalness.


How Did it come about &


Problem Analysis

First of all, we have identified some of the food of farmers, cooperatives and companies through observation and good communication.

High energy and labor costs

Drying methods that remove products from naturalness

Depending on the long drying times in traditional drying;

-Unhygienic conditions

-Poor food quality

-Food losses

What Can We Do?

We can reduce energy costs to 0

We can reduce labor costs

We can raise standards above the world level

We can prevent the foods from becoming unnatural while drying.

It can provide fast drying, and;

-Increases food hygiene

- We can prevent losses.

Well, How?

First of all, we can dry food both quickly and in a controlled way, with intensified sunlight.

While doing this, your food dries hygienically because nothing touches your food except the Sun and their naturalness is preserved.

We call this method Günebakan, in which your energy and labor costs will decrease to almost zero.


In our system, special filter lenses, which are our own design for food applications, gather the Sun on a single surface. In this way, our product electricity / gas, etc. without the need for tools that increase operating costs It provides fast drying in a closed environment.


Stainless steel and PVC were used in the construction of The Günebakan

It is prepared completely in accordance with the food codex. This has been demonstrated in the analysis tests of the foods we dry.

It can be sized as desired.


Thanks to the artificial intelligence-based decision algorithm we use in our system, it guarantees a high level of drying quality by producing instant solutions specific to dry food. With the IOT platform integrated into the system, it allows the user to remotely control, monitor and report. It provides convenient access to standard information such as temperature and humidity, as well as information such as remaining drying time, daily or monthly production volume. 


What is different?

When compared with similar products in the global market, it is seen that Günebakan has reduced energy costs to almost zero. While preserving the naturalness that creates added value in the products, the food safety and quality standardization It is aimed to be kept at the top level. Thus, Günebakan users take their place in the niche market where they can reach higher market prices. Günebakan also distinguishes itself from its competitors with the control facilities it offers to its operator and investors. It frees the user from the obligation to calculate and follow-up by making the process autonomous in line with the solution it produces specifically for the food being dried.

Günebakan ile

Dried Product Test and Analysis

In cooperation with Hacettepe University and UNAM after our drying experiments with foods such as tomatoes, peppers, bananas, strawberries, carrot mints, pineapple cherries, grapes, strawberries, apricots, thyme, etc.; color analysis, rehydration, sensory analysis and                     sem microscope sensory analysis was performed and the results were shown to be positive.

Most Curious About the Günebakan & Answers